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A fashion show looks mesmerizing and awesome. The lights of the glamorous world are so attractive that anybody will get carried away with that. But have you ever wondered how a ramp show is being organised and what it takes to be a fashion choreographer. A Fashion choreographer is a soul of a Fashion show. He leads the total proceedings from the alpha to omega. He manages catwalk and choreographs it.

It takes a lot of patience and good level of understanding to coordinate with the designer, stylists, back stage staff and everything which a fashion choreographer does. He manages the standing and walking posture of a model, he choreographs the performance of the model on a rampage. As it is mentioned earlier a fashion choreographer coordinates with the stylist means a hair stylist and a makeup artist even the minute level of everything. This will give a shape to the show and a total makeup of the show, we can say.

He tries to bring the best of a model. He guides models on the ramp walk and directs them in showcasing the best of the attire features which is created by the designer. Most of the times it becomes hard to carry that heavy jewellery and lump sum attire over a ramp and becomes hard to handle them while walking over. That too maintaining facial expressions and that grace of a model which is almost like climbing a mountain. So here, a fashion choreographer becomes a real deal of the show by guiding models to handle costume and walk with, grace and charm. Whole on a fashion choreographer portrays the vision of a designer and a stylist getting deep understanding of a theme of the occasion. He brings the mood of the show and tries helping in displaying charm of the collection.