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Lot of us build dreams to rule in the glamour industry, Though we receive loads of encouragement from family and friends saying "Ah ! Your so talented you should definitely try acting "or "You are so attractive, what are you doing here? You should try Modelling" , the biggest riddle of them all is 'Where does one start from?'. Here is a simple guide book for all such folks.

1.       Observe: Before you start, Work on yourself. To build yourself as a great actor or a model, you have to visualize yourself being one. Get started by observing the best in the industry, Read fashion magazines. Observe keenly the work of the top artists and find yourself a role model. It's important to appreciate the art amongst the best, - to get appreciated after you start. 

2.       Practice: Keep improving you work. If you aim to become a runway model, get yourself on a pair of heels and become better at your walk. If acting is what interests you, practice your expressions before a mirror or ask a friend to genuinely judge your skills. Work on your makeup, attire and communication to be treated the best. 

3.       Health & Fitness : Glamour Industry demands you to look good always. It's all about how you carry yourself. Train yourself that you would be working with few of the best looking people in the world. You wouldn't want to look any less, do you? Plan your diet and exercise accordingly. 

4.       Open Mind: Glamour Industry doesn't confine itself to the roles of lead actor/actress, or super model. Every field has a varied range of opportunities. If you plan to start off your journey, be prepared to take up any work that appreciates your skills and get you closer to you dream role. 

5.       Personality: It's not always about good looks, your personality can also build you way to success. Remember to carry yourself always with a smile, it makes the other person feel comfortable to approach you. Your work would reflect on the camera, in this case the most important feature that could speak about you, and your eyes. Make sure they speak confidence which happens only when you feel good about yourself and your work. 

6.       Portfolio: Approach your friend or a photographer to get good photographs. Its okay if they don’t look too professional but they should talk about your built and personality. Make sure you have a close up, mid-length and a full photo to add into your portfolio. Always position yourself as a model, and keep your social media account active and public. You never know where the opportunity is going to land from.

7.       Participate: Keep your eyes open to any advertisement on good model hunts, pageants in your city. If your city doesn’t host any such events, make the most at the local fashion shows. Meet the coordinators of the show and keep in touch with them often. Just reminding, we live in digital century, you could also upload your portfolio on leading online talent spotters like GreyFoxz.in  Best opportunities are filtered, checked and uploaded on the site where you can choose from the opportunities listed. This should be easy, what say?