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We are not born models, neither somebody teaches us to walk like a model. With time great models learned to walk as if they are born as catwalk models. We would like to discuss strategies to help you.

Posturing a stretched string threaded from model’s spinal way to head’s top

Main thing of the model that everybody would definitely notice is model’s body posture. Have you ever seen any model who have bent body posture. I am sure you haven't. Prepare every part of yourself to act tall whatever height you might be having that is really secondary. Believe that you are a puppet and you need to walk straight headed, holding shoulders backwards. Our posture is our foremost quality that others observe when people see us for the first time.

Just walk in straight line taking long steps ahead

It makes you look shorter when you take limited baby steps. Stretch a bit and take longer steps straight following your earlier step on the other hand don’t be so robotic, a walk with a light swing is always attractive. Above all you need to be cautious with your footwear while you walk, you should be familiar with that stilettos. It has been observed that models slips down because of smooth floor or lack of proper practice of that footwear so you need to take care of all that.

Arms placing parallely with your body keeping relaxed hands

Make your arms less swingy or don’t be too conscious. Make a straight way for your sight that will give you a straight path to go ahead and make a straight focus and follow that.

Project your good confidence level

There is a magnetic feature that draws a person towards you, that’s your positive attitude and your confidence level. You have to dominate the whole arena around you, your presence should be felt by the audience when you walk with utmost confidence. The great thing you could do is enjoy the music around and feel like walking on the music around.

So get charged up and feel like a diva, walk in a repeated rhythm. And even if you stumble then balance yourself and keep the show going.