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I still remember my school or college days when we use to give performance at inter college level, surrounded by talented guys, critical judges, and loud noise around, still i managed somehow to perform well with decent marks and got selected. Those were golden moments of everyone’s life. Everybody dreams of becoming big in his career especially in film industry but, very rarely people do pursue it. Whereas, few want to follow their dreams but they don’t know how to take it forward. Be prepared with every stuff forefront, that is better than getting panicked at last moment. We suggest you few tips how to prepare well for your upcoming auditions. Follow and practice it.

Get into the skin: First of all read your audition notice rightly and organize things which are in compliance with the notice. Read the character for which you are giving audition and prepare the scene in accordance to that.

Make your attire attractive and be comfortable in it: Make this point clear, nothing can be more attractive than your comfort level. Wearing attractive attire is important though getting comfortable in that is also necessary. Your attire should not be fancy or extra flashy. It should be mix of simplicity, trends and comfortness. Your dressing should be like salt to season up your performance that’s it.

Carry your portfolio: You will be considered as ignorant if you don’t carry your portfolio. That too the updated one.

Practice makes a man perfect: As always we say every time we have to do regular practice of auditioning. Standing in front of the mirror and then practicing is the best way of preparing for a audition. You are your best judge, even salespersons do this before presenting them in front of customers. It will boost up your confidence to another level.

Skipping part of dialogue and then reacting to it: If you do any mistake like this then don’t show it to judges that you have done a blunder. Just pretend that nothing had happened yet.

Don’t give reasons: Give the best performance up to your level, but if you fail to do so then don’t give excuses for poor performance because this will reduce the chances of yours of getting in.

Maintain yourself: You need to focus on your diet eat healthy food and avoid intake of harmful oily indigestible food. Moreover, if your role demands then maintain good figure by hitting the gym right now.