There is one thing common in all successful artists, that is their ability to charm their audience. Your looks can be average, your talent can be mediocre, but what steals the show is how your performance leaves your audience. An energetic performance always brings a better prize than a hidden talent. Here are few mantras for all actors and artists to be a successful performer.



1.       Realize it’s not about you.


          It's common that every artist is a bit narcissist. We often think we are better than we are. Confidence is a much-needed factor to survive the tough competition. But it is to be realized that it is not always about you. Infact, you don’t even matter once you are on the stage or before the camera. Audience matter the most, they are the judges and it is your responsibility to awaken their senses and emotions. Aim to give what your audience expect from you for every penny they pay for your performance. You are meant to be a true entertainer, if your aim is to win people's heart.


2.       Forget your insecurities.


          Once you enter to perform in front of the audience, you should ideally forget every insecurity in the world. You cannot fear or bring out the nervous energy even close to you. Insecurities pull you back, if you feel inferior regarding your personality or looks, you've got to leave them far behind the stage. No one wants to see someone wobbling in discomfort of insecurities. You're on the big stage because you are from a talented bunch of population. Either you fix your problems or forget it.


3.       Engage people with your confidence.


          Some wise person said " Confidence is sexier than good looks". Especially during the performance, work on engaging your audience. If you are acting or singing, it’s your responsibility to bring your audience into your zone. Break the boundary of the stage, and look at your audience. Charm them with your words and aura. Your presence should be felt if you are working on being the next star.



  4.     Practice, Practice and Practice.


           A performer is never confined to a room or to a bunch of friends who love your work. You've got to show it off. Don’t hesitate twice before joining your local theater club or performing at your office/college celebrations. The more people watch your performance, the more you learn about the ways to woo them. You will get better at this act of performance only when you break your boundaries.



5.       Remind yourself that you're in love, with your passion.


           Every artist has a good day and a bad day. But what makes them successful is the persistence they have towards their goal. Every time you doubt yourself over your career or life, Remind yourself why you have chose to be an actor, singer or a model. You belong to the smallest group of people in the world who are doing what they love. Also, if you are getting paid to do what you love, you are few of the luckiest people here. Winners do not quit. Do they?