Getting an acceptance call can be exciting. You might want to go out there and nail it.. But just wait, if you look forward to making it fruitful, you have to get yourself ready with few steps.

1.    Accountability: You might just got a call from a reliable agency or a known coordinator , but  go ahead ask all the questions you have regarding the client, concerns and work standards. It’s always better to ask than make assumptions. So go ask!

2.    Assignment: Enquire about the location of the shoot, what are your clients looking for. For example, your client might be expecting you to deliver a great shoot in which you might have to be chirpy or elated. No matter how good of an artist you are, it’s good to be prepared to avoid any last minute embarrassment at the shoot.

3.    Compensation: Until and unless you want to gain some experience through your first work, you can always ask for pay. Talk to the agency or coordinator deliberately on the pay, Find out the mode of payment and when can you expect the payment by. It’s important to resolve any conflicts before you ahead. 

4.    Contract: Professionalism is very important in the glamour industry just like any another field. Make sure all the information you were given, and details on the work are clearly put on paper. If you think it’s too much of a work, make sure everything is confirmed over a mail for further references.